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Unlocking My Workflow: How I Make It Happen

Each project kicks off with me carefully listening to your requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding. Subsequently, I methodically break down the project into manageable tasks, guaranteeing that each receives the appropriate time and attention it demands.

1. Strategy Call

During our initial strategy call, we'll delve into your project's requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of your needs and goals.

2. Research

I allocate time for in-depth research, analyzing both your competition and target audience to identify key pain points and market trends critical for project success.

3. Design

With insights gleaned from our research, I proceed to craft a tailored design solution that effectively addresses your needs and resonates with your audience.

4. Revision

Upon completion, I offer a revision stage where we fine-tune the design based on your feedback, ensuring the final product exceeds your expectations.

What Can I Do For You

I specialize in crafting tailor-made solutions for founders, startups, and agencies, empowering them to bring their visions to life with cutting-edge web and mobile applications.


Transforming your website into a powerful sales engine that converts visitors into loyal customers.

Web Apps

My expertise lies in creating modern and highly adaptable web applications, tailored to address diverse business challenges with elegance and efficiency.

Mobile Apps

Refine your vision into fully realized MVPs that captivate users from the get-go. Let us elevate your design and set your product apart from the competition.

Selected Works

Discover my portfolio, showcasing a diverse collection of projects that blend creativity and technical expertise.

One Simple fee , No Hidden costs

Pricing are simple and transparent, with no surprises or limits. Get ongoing support whenever you need it.


Perfect for startups & founders who need design work and want to grow.



Available spot Only 2 this month


Perfect for teams and businesses who want to to launch a new product.



Available spot Only 1 this month

Interested in a One-Time Project only ?

If your project doesn’t fit the plans mentioned above or if you’d like to discuss before deciding, book a call with me.

No surprises or hidden costs

Benefits of subscriptions

End-to-End Product Solutions

From concept to launch, I handle everything, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Unlimited Requests and No Extra Charges

Businesses can explore new ideas and iterate on existing ones without worrying about budget constraints.

Rapid Iteration and Improvement

This enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve their products.

Faster Time-to-Market

With my expert guidance and support, I ensure a streamlined process from ideation to launch.

Consistent Brand Experience

My unified approach ensures cohesive design aesthetics and seamless user experiences.

Easy Communication

I ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration, making it easy for businesses to convey their needs and preferences effectively.


Frequently asked questions

The scope varies based on the project at hand. Typically, you can expect a comprehensive brand identity package, an 8-page website, or approximately 40-50 screens for a mobile application.

For agencies seeking website designs, we can deliver up to 2 sites within a month. Interested in learning more? Let’s connect and discuss further!

Joining forces with agencies fuels my creativity. Reach out to book a call, and together, we’ll brainstorm ways to enhance your projects. My extensive client portfolio includes various design agencies, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your needs.

It’s a breeze! Select your package and let’s schedule a call together.

Looking for something specific? Reach out, and I’ll create a personalized quote to match your requirements.

Most requests are completed in 2-3 business days. Complex or extensive projects may take longer. I’ll provide estimated timelines for each task, keeping you informed along the way.

There’s no limit to the number of design tasks you can add to your queue. I’ll handle them one at a time, following your priority list.

Once I’ve perfected a design, I’ll send it for your review. Then I’ll move on to the next item in your queue.

No problem at all! You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to jump back in.

Still have questions?

Thanks for your trust


I suprised david for his 30 birthday in a mutual ceramic workshop. it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. i am so happy we chose urban workshops.

Ruben P



I suprised david for his 30 birthday in a mutual ceramic workshop. it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. i am so happy we chose urban workshops.

Ruben P



I suprised david for his 30 birthday in a mutual ceramic workshop. it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. i am so happy we chose urban workshops.

Ruben P


Meet Sam Behind Shmou

A creative and curious human that puts his heart and mind to connect with you, your project, your brand. 

Hello World !

Welcome to my corner of the design world!

I’m Samuel, a product designer based in Tel Aviv. Originally from Paris, I’ve soaked up inspiration from one of the world’s creative capitals.

With over 7 years of experience under my belt. No fluff or fancy words here – just clear communication and hard work to bring your ideas to life.

What sets me apart?

I’m passionate about meaningful work and building lasting relationships with my clients. I’m deeply committed to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. With me, you’ll find a partner who listens attentively and prioritizes your goals.

Ready to bring your vision to life?